Unique Ways To Display the American Flag Around Your Home

Unique Ways To Display the American Flag Around Your Home

Anyone can hang up a flag in their house when representing America, but sometimes you want to go the extra mile. Transforming a part of your living room or office into a place for patriots can be difficult, but there are unique ways to display the American flag around your home. Use these ideas as inspiration to incorporate a piece of Americana into your décor.

Furniture Cover

A great way to show off your patriotism and pride in America is with a furniture cover of the American flag. These can brighten up any room and protect your furniture from damage. You can even get covers that you can easily wash, so your flag will always look its best.

Replace Your Curtains

If you want everyone to see and know about your support for America, American flag curtains are the item for you. Replacing your curtains with an American flag is a bold move and will be something you won’t see in almost any other home.

Metal Wall Art

One piece of art that’ll truly embody the fullness of the American flag and help create a space you can love is metal wall art of the American flag. There are many styles for this art, but any will work as the centerpiece of your room. A metal American flag with the pledge of allegiance etched into it is one great option.

Flag Pins

If you’re looking for a minor way to represent the flag, look no further than flag pins. These small items are great for wearing and displaying around the home. They won’t serve as a centerpiece, but you can place them almost anywhere. This is perfect for adding a touch of the flag throughout your home.

Flag Streamers

You can go even bolder when you want to display the American flag in your home. That’s where flag streamers come in handy, as you line your ceiling and walls with the American flag. Use the streamers to frame areas or items in your home, from doorframes to artwork. You can add some flag streamers into any part of your house to create an instantly amazing place.

These are just a few ideas for putting up the flag in your home. All these ideas are something you won’t see in many other homes and can make your place unique. However, you can always use these ideas to inspire yourself and create something new for your own home.