The Ultimate Guide to Year-Round Patriotic Home Décor

The Ultimate Guide to Year-Round Patriotic Home Décor

Finding the right home décor isn’t always the easiest task in the world in part because you have so many different decorating fashions to choose from. So, before you buy furniture, paintings, and other accent pieces, you should narrow your style down. If you love America, you may prefer everything red, white, and blue.

The question is, how do you achieve this in a way that keeps your house looking amazing? This ultimate guide to year-round patriotic home décor will answer that. Plus, it’ll provide you with some great decorating tips!

Things To Avoid When Decorating

Let’s start by warning about what you should avoid doing while decorating. Remember, the goal of having a patriotic home year-round is to have it look classy.

This means you should avoid going over the top; everything in your home should fit together. Instead, keep things subtle and mix the patriotic decorating scheme with a popular style, such as rustic, traditional, or minimalist.

Carefully Consider Furniture

Now that we’ve discussed what to avoid, we can get into the ultimate guide to year-round patriotic home décor and some decorating tips! The good news is that when it comes to wood furniture, you can have anything from white-wood cabinets to classy rustic pieces in which wrought iron complements wood. But, of course, white wood often goes more with a patriotic color theme. Plus, it’s an easy way to incorporate some white furniture into your home.

Buying White Furniture

Make your home look more patriotic with white end tables, cabinets, or bed frames. This works especially well if your walls are a neutral paint color. White on white doesn’t stand out. Many homeowners also make their houses look more patriotic by having white cabinetry and towels in the bathrooms.

Buying Red and Blue Furniture

The color is up to you when it comes to larger pieces like ottomans and sofas. If you already have lots of white, then it’s probably best to liven things up with some red or blue. While finding a couch in the perfect shade may become a bit of a challenge—and you may end up with white sofas—you can find ottomans in both red and blue!

The key here is balance. So if you already have a white sofa and a beautiful blue ottoman, then consider buying a small red accent piece to pull the theme together without making it look over the top.

Furniture Shopping Tip

Before buying a new piece for your home, measure the room you plan to put it in and evaluate the layout. Don’t make any rash decisions or impulse purchases. We’re talking about year-round décor, not decorations that are only appropriate for brief periods during holidays.

Finding the Ideal Décor

One of the most obvious pieces of home décor to include in your home is the national flag. If you have one because you or a loved one served in the military, proudly display that flag in a flag display case. Depending on what other decorations you have, you could keep it on a shelf, mantle, or end table.

As you decorate, consider accent pieces like:

  • Star-shaped wall art
  • Patriotic-colored throw rugs
  • Red, white, and blue pillows

While you shop around for the ideal accent pieces, you can’t forget about wall art. Not only does this add some additional life to a space, but it also helps you bring your original flair in to transform your house into a home.

Decide on what you want the focal point to be in each room. For example, do you want to draw more attention to the patriotic colors or the stars and stripes? Your aim may differ from room to room and allow you to mix and match the décor you buy.

You could decorate your main bedroom with a white comforter, then blue and red pillows—you could even throw in a few star-shaped ones. However, you can also decorate your living room quite differently and instead pull attention to the patriotic home décor with wall fixtures and small accent pieces.

Hand Metal Art

Metal wall art always looks stylish, and it’s incredibly durable! At Liberty Metal and Design, you can buy beautiful United States metal art to show off your love for America with an eye-catching piece. Purchase the perfect metal wall art for your home, plus a gift for a friend or loved one who shares your taste in style!

Balance Your Colors

The great thing about colors is that each comes in various shades and tones. So, if you already have burgundy curtains and want to add in a few delicate shades of blue around the room, the color combinations you go with will depend on your preferences.

Remember, each of the colors on the flag holds meaning. Therefore, you may want to draw more attention to one if you want to emphasize its corresponding value. Here are the meanings for the three colors:

  • Red: valor, courage, and sacrifice
  • Blue: perseverance and vigilance
  • White: purity and innocence

Take time to think about which values you most align with and focus more of your decorating toward them. Again, this isn’t to say you ignore the other two colors but instead incorporate them in a balanced way.

You may also want to consider painting your walls a subtle shade of gray or tan to make all that red, white, and blue pop. Too much of any color can make a room feel a bit overwhelming.


Many homeowners pull a room together with throw pillows or blankets strategically folded across the couch. Not only is this a subtle way to add in your red, white, and blue color scheme, but it also makes your home look all the cozier!

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The Ultimate Guide to Year-Round Patriotic Home Décor