Interior Design Trends That Incorporate Metal Art

Interior Design Trends That Incorporate Metal Art

Every year countless new trends become popular and important in the interior design world. With different materials and styles rising and falling in popularity, it can be tricky to figure out the trends that include your favorite materials. Here are some interior design trends that incorporate metal art to work some of that material seamlessly into your home.

Wall Art

One of the easiest ways to put metal into your interior design is using metal wall art. Since there are so many different types of metal wall art, you can easily find something to fit your home, no matter the room’s style. From metal flags to metal love wall art, the variety is nearly endless when it comes to wall art.

Light Fixtures

Another great way to involve metal in your interior design is investing in your light fixtures. Although a simple light cover can serve you well, many fascinating and beautiful light fixtures can sit in each room. This is an excellent opportunity to include metal in your design by purchasing a light fixture you love.

Earthy Tones

One of the biggest trends we see today is a switch to earthy tones throughout all parts of the home. Nowadays, the predominant style is painting the walls and choosing furniture that gives a natural vibe. That doesn’t mean everything is that warm earthy tone, but most things fit that aesthetic.

Copper and Gold

Currently, there are several types of metal common in interior design. Many designs use copper and gold accents around the room to fit a rustic feel and give the room more texture. Most popular gold and copper accents aren’t shiny and feature more of an unpolished look when included in interior design.

Smooth Silver

Another one of the popular interior design trends that incorporate metal art is smooth, silver fixtures. Polished silver gives a clean feeling that many homes can benefit from, so adding it to art or various parts of the home can create some amazing rooms. Even if you don’t include this in art, you can easily install smooth, silver sink faucets and doorknobs around your home for some excellent metalwork.

Copper Compliments

Copper has a muted tone that matches well with a lot of the styles that are popular today. The metal adds a much-needed warm neutral tone to many rooms and art pieces. Copper fixtures and small decorations are common in new trends. Think about adding in copper coat hooks or towel rods for splashes of this metal.

Corrugated Metal

Living a greener lifestyle is very important for the interior design of many homes. Many people are using recycled and reclaimed materials for their furniture and paints. Corrugated metal is a great way to help the environment while also creating the metal art pieces you want in your home, with many different options for the looks of your metal art.


Brass took a long hiatus after the 1980s from interior design, but it’s making a comeback in recent trends. Yet again, brass is a great metal with muted tones that blends well with the current trends. The trick is to use unpolished and unlacquered brass for your metal art to create a design that fits the current trends and blends with the other colors around the home.

Reflective Furniture

A popular trend nowadays that features metal is reflective metal frames on furniture. Getting chairs with reflective metal can make the table set pop in a living or dining room. Although it often doesn’t include designs etched into the metal, you can create whole furniture sets that glisten and create unique spaces.


Wallpaper is making a huge comeback right now, which gives people access to unique room looks. Metallic wallpaper is worth considering if you’re looking to add a metal look to your rooms. Adding a pattern to a wall that uses some metallic paint and artwork can be a great way to add that metal art you want.

Diversity of Cultures

Many homes are starting to integrate different looks from around the world into their style. The world is smaller than ever, with the internet and media keeping us connected. Getting inspiration from other cultures and bringing in their styles and décor can help elevate your home. Additionally, a lot of these additions often come in natural tones, matching the earthy tones popular right now.

Woods and Metals

Wood is probably the most popular material for items and furniture in the home as it easily fits the popular trends of warm tones and a green lifestyle. The great thing about wood being so popular is that metal artwork makes a beautiful addition and accent to wood furniture. Things like intricate metal doorknobs and handles can add a lot of personality to a room and draw attention to your wood pieces. This is partially why brass and copper are so popular right now since they blend well with wood.

Vintage and Second Hand

In line with the green lifestyle sweeping the interior design scene, vintage and secondhand items have become very popular. Grabbing yourself some items from friends and family who are tossing them out can save money and give your home a vintage feel. Flea markets and garage sales are other places filled with vintage and secondhand items that may fit your home. This is also a great way to incorporate metal art into your home without sacrificing the theme or feel of your place.

Your Own Design

Although all these trends have a history and can create a great home, there’s nothing more important than your style for your home. A trend is great, but you need to be happy with the design of your place. You don’t want to live in a trendy home that you hate; you’ll never feel at peace if that’s the case. So, feel free to build a place you want, add in crazy metal wall art, or paint everything bright blue. Just make sure you’re happy with the results.

These are just a few ways people include metal art into their home designs. There are many ways you can put your favorite metal designs into your home. Don’t worry about what’s popular at the time, as the trends will change, as long as you love and can enjoy the final results.

Interior Design Trends That Incorporate Metal Art