Creative Housewarming Gifts To Give New Couples

Creative Housewarming Gifts To Give New Couples

Buying a new home is a thrilling step for a couple, especially when it’s the first home they’ll own together. And when you visit for the first time, you may want to bring a gift. With a great housewarming gift, you can help them decorate their home and add some personalization. We’ve listed out some of the most creative housewarming gifts to give new couples!

Serving Ware

First-time homeowners may not have the essentials to serve guests for dinner parties or during the holidays. Help the couple by gifting practical serving wear, like a cheese board, tiered platter stand, or a bowl set. The couple is sure to use these gifts, and every time they do, they’ll think of your kindness!

Monogrammed Signs

Why not help personalize their home with some monogrammed art? You can’t go wrong with these creative housewarming gifts to give new couples, especially when the sign has the couple’s initials. This gift is deeply personal and provides the homeowners with a piece of art to hang on a wall or entryway. Everyone cherishes gifts like these.


When you purchase metal monogrammed art, consider the couple's tastes in the design and color. Ensure this gift aligns with their style and other decor so that it’s the perfect addition to their new home!

Throw Pillows

Two things transform a house into a home: personalization and a cozy atmosphere. If you’re not sure what to give as a housewarming gift, consider gifting two throw pillows. This will add to the décor in the living room and can change the ambiance. Make this gift a bit more personal by purchasing pillows that align with their decorating scheme.

Tips for Choosing the Best Gift

The perfect gift for one couple may not be the same for another couple since it depends on what the duo likes most. For example, a fancy cheese board may be perfect if they love hosting, but other couples may prefer those cushy throw pillows. Metal art is always a great option because it’s easy to hang and looks great in any space. Whatever you get, make sure it's something the couple will use or enjoy. 

Liberty Metal and Design sells handmade steel monograms and other metal artwork. Not only will this art look great inside their home, but it’s also safe to hang outside. Purchase a beautiful piece of handmade art the next time you need to buy a housewarming gift!