5 Things To Look for When Buying a Fire Pit

Everyone loves sitting around a fire pit on a lovely evening, especially if it involves some delicious s’mores! Before adding this feature to your home, it’s important to investigate the top things to look for when buying a fire pit. By considering important factors like style and price, you’ll find the perfect addition to your backyard patio!


One of the first and most important things to consider is the style of fire pit you want. This can impact other criteria, such as price and placement of the pit in your yard. The style you choose also relates to the shape and design of your space, as some homeowners prefer a modern-looking yard. Take some time to consider:

  • The type of fire pit you want. Do you prefer portable or permanent?
  • The material you like best. Stone, brick, metal, or something else entirely?
  • The fuel type you prefer. Does wood, propane, or natural gas make more sense for your lifestyle?

Take time to decide on these various factors. While the material may not sound like a big deal at first, some may better suit the area you live in. For example, if you buy a metal fire pit, you’ll want to ensure it is powder-coated so that it doesn’t rust.


The price range is another thing to look for when buying a fire pit. Keep in mind that some styles may be a bit pricier than others based on the required materials. You'll keep on budget by having a price in mind as you begin browsing your many options.


The next step is to look around your yard and decide on the best place to install your fire pit. Small portable fire pits are easy to move around the yard, but high-quality metal or stone fire pits will have to remain in one location. If your fire pit has a fixed location, consider adding cozy accents like patio furniture and some outdoor lighting to increase the ambiance of the space.

Local Regulations

Before looking at fire pits or making a purchase, it’s best to investigate the regulations in your town. While this isn’t the case everywhere, some counties or cities require you to have a permit for natural gas fire pits. Similarly, you may need a permit if experts have to install the fire pit in your yard.


Finally, remember the importance of safety when buying, placing, and using your fire pit. You should install it in an area with relatively flat ground to avoid falls in the area. And if you have a natural gas fire pit, everyone using it should know how to turn it off to prevent safety concerns.

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