3 Ways To Add Monogram Initials Around Your Home

Many homeowners like adding monogrammed versions of their initials somewhere within their house to make the space their own. This is also the perfect sentimental gift for newlyweds or a couple that just purchased their first home. Make decorating simple with these three ways to add monogram initials around your home.

Blankets and Pillows

Plenty of homeowners enjoy keeping monogrammed throws or pillows in their main living spaces to make their homes look cozy while also adding a bit of personality to their rooms. Many go about this by adding their last name initial to a throw pillow alongside a decorative design. Sometimes, couples will also put both of their initials onto the corner of a throw blanket for a piece that’s beautiful and cozy.

Decorative Pieces

Many people also enjoy getting beautiful pieces to hang around their homes as they add a bit of flair. One of the best ways to do this while decorating with monogrammed signs is by shopping for metal art! And when you buy a monogrammed sign, it doubles as a piece of art that you can hang within your home or on your front door.

Liberty Metal Design sells amazing monogrammed metal wall art that’ll look great in your home. A personalized metal sign is a perfect gift for a housewarming party or couple celebrating years of marriage.

Monogrammed Towels

Towels are another great way to add monogrammed initials around your home because they can be decorative or functional, depending on your preference. A nice set of personalized towels is a great way to add a bit of luxury to the bathroom or kitchen; many like them because they look sophisticated.

Bonus Tips for Adding Monograms

As you begin adding monogrammed initials around your home, you should remember to consider the medium for the artwork in addition to the style for the monogram. When shopping for these types of pieces, you should consider size, color, and style.

All these pieces are a bit decorative, so you’ll want to decide on a color that aligns with the room you’ll put them in. The type of monogram you purchase could also differ. For example, some get monogrammed art depicting their full last name, but others prefer solely displaying their initials.

Shoppers Tip: Buying the Best Piece

Displaying single initials differs from doing so with a couple. Liberty Metal Design keeps things simple by offering various options and styles when you buy monogrammed metal art. The most important part of buying monogrammed art is finding one that reflects your interests as a couple.